Friday, November 28, 2008

Thoughts on Barack Obama's Cabinet

I'm feeling very thankful today for all my friends! Happy belated Thanksgiving, y'alls!

With President-elect Obama making appointments to his Cabinet, I decided to put in my 2 cents about who should be in President-Elect Obama's crate, I mean, Cabinet. I know some of these positions are probably already filled, but I thought maybe if there were any undecideds or if they needed some backup appointees, he'd have some waiting in the paws: 

State - George - He lives in the UK, has an Italian girlfriend, is multilingual (sort of), who else is more qualified? And check out his Kiss Kiss video. 
Treasury - Wimsey, especially his November 14 post.
Defense/Homeland Security - ME, Biggie-Z the Kuvasz (who else? I can handle both Cabinet posts at the same time)
Attorney General - Amber because she is probably the best behaved of all of us since she actually listens to the RoolZ
Interior - Ace, for all the natural interior territory he covers in all his runs
Labor - Lora (honorary dog, for all the WORK she puts into all her dogs)
Health and Human (and Dog) Services - 4Bs and Chloe (just look at the last month's posts!!)
Housing and Urban Development - Petey, because he is a city dog if every there was one. 
Transportation - Ruby (duh, of course!) 
Energy - Pacco (she has enough to solve the energy crisis without having to drill in Alaska)
Education - Nanook - for all his work at the library teaching kids to read and for being such a big brudder to Pooka
Veterans Affairs - Peanut and Flash - so they can make sure their dad is always taken care of

and even though this is not technically a Cabinet-Crate appointment, I think Wally should be Barker of the (Dog)House, since he has been Barking for Barack all this time. 

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend, everyone.


Petey said...

Biggie, I'm ready to be sworn in as Director of HUD! A dog park on every block! And repeal that silly law that says dogs can't go into restaurants.

We'll turn the entire White House lawn into a dog park, too.

Washington, here we come!

Your pal,


P.S. Hey, Mommy posted some new photos of this year's parade. We still need to make plans to meet at the 23rd street dog run and discuss our reforms!

Peanut said...

We would happily handle veterans affairs. Those are some great picks. Hopefully Barack will take them into consideration

the 4 Bs said...

hi Biggie, yes, we agree that we can serve on Health Services. we are experts at going to the vetty! we will make sure that everydog is strong and healthy and all the vet gives out is treats! treats! treat!


Lindsay said...

Haha! Good choices Biggie! If Obama offers the Interior position to Ace, I'm sure he will accept!

Georgeous said...

Hi Biggie, what a responsible role that sounds? I know nothing about politics but sure could learn about pawlitics. I am honored at your nomination.

Pee. es: I hope Faya doesn't get the wrong end of the stick about Sophie, she was very upset when she moved in from Italy.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post, happy thanksgiving!

Saint Lover said...

I'm with Petey!!! The whole white house lawn should be a giant dog park!

And Biggie, thanks for the vote for Secretary of Labor... :wink:! I am quite honored.

Stanislaw said...

Hey dude. That's the PERFECT job for us. We can totally manage the exchange of meatiness from feating-animal to dog bowls around the country. Feasts maintain their economic value no matter what the economy is doing!

wally said...

Hi Biggie-Z! I could never find your blog before! I'm quite pleased with your Cabinet appointments and I'm totes ready to fulfill my role. I think that secretly that Rahm Emanuel dude is really a front for the real Chief of Staff, Large and IN CHARGE Wally! (And they thought Rahm was tuff!)

wally t. (friend to Biggie Z)

Dannan and The Girl said...

That's the best line-up for Cabinet that they ever could hope for! They could only be so lucky!