Wednesday, November 26, 2008


NEWS FLASH: I just found out that a facebook page for a breeder that is selling kuvasz puppies in another country took - as in STOLE - puppy pictures of Biggie that were posted on this blog. (I am not linking to it for obvious reasons.)

Apparently the Spanish text under BIGGIE'S PICTURES says something along the lines of "Me and my brothers are for sale, $700."

Biggie is not for sale. None of Biggie's brothers is for sale. This breeder is in no way associated with me or with Biggie's breeder or any of the kuvasz breeders or owners I know.

Hey, breeder from South America: I've reported you to facebook for copyright violations because yes, you have violated US copyright laws by pulling hi-res pictures of Biggie from this blog and reposting them as your own on facebook. I've been to your website and thankfully you don't have any pictures of Biggie on your kennel/breeder website. But you have hundreds of pictures of kuvasz that seem to be bred from your kennel on that site. Wouldn't it have been easier and MORE HONEST (not to mention legal) to post pictures of your own dogs on your facebook page instead of pulling pictures of puppy Biggie?

I suppose we should be flattered that Biggie is so much cuter than any of the puppies actually bred from this kennel. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? I had been working on a post about finding a good breeder and telling the difference between good breeders and unscrupulous ones, and I guess I can now add another characteristic to the "unscrupulous breeder" column: STOLEN WEB CONTENT.

I have from time to time gotten emails and comments from people who want to re-post pictures from this blog onto their blogs or for other not-for-profit uses. I have always said yes in the past, and I'm generally inclined to say yes because I think this is a terrific dog breed and they deserve more visibility. But people, y'all need to ASK first.

Though if you want to use any of these pictures for any for-profit use, let me save you some time and effort: the answer is NO.
UPDATE: Facebook removed the page. Thanks, facebook!


Mango said...

GRRRRR! @&#*( That is WRONG!


with love, Madison said...

OMG we have to do something! can't we slam them with so many comments and barks and junk that their facebook page crashes? Madison wants to go bark and scare the beheesus out of them!

Saint Lover said...

WOOOAH!!! That is freaking crazy! How did you find the pictures on facebook? I started watermarking all my pictures because they are high-res. I have entire posts stolen every day and can not figure out how to stop it and from what I have researched, there is nothing I can do. But claiming pictures illegally is infuriating! Grrrrr that steams me up!

Happy Thanksgiving BTW

jan said...

Keep spreading the word for people not to buy puppies from the internet. I think we are making progress in educating people, but there's a sucker know, very often.

I have posts stolen, but I guess there is nothing we can do about that.Watermarking pictures like Saint Lover does might deter some of the problem of stealing pictures.

Amber-Mae said...

Well, Biggie is the most gorgeous Kuvasv I've ever seen so I guess people just can't resist that he is probably so much cuterer that his/her own puppies??? Anyway, I think all puppies are cute! You probably will need to start putting watermark right in the middle of the pictures. Maybe that will help.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Lindsay said...

The worst is when people steal written content, I think. It used to bother me a lot more when I first started my blog. Now I figure if some web site out there has nothing better on it than ads and stolen content, no one is going to be visiting that site anyway. It won't get anywhere.

I use photos from other web sites all the time without asking. I give them credit, and I link back to them. So now I feel guilty that I usually don't ask permission. I figure if people don't want their photos stolen, they shouldn't post them online. I assume people will steal my photos if they want. What can I do about it?

But to steal your photos of Biggie and then act like it's a dog for sale? That is crazy!!

I'm curious too, how did you come across the person's Facebook pictures?

Dannan and The Girl said...

Happy to hear that facebook took the page down! This is just so outrageous!

I can see that Biggie is obviously a prime example of his breed, but seriously!