Monday, August 11, 2008

Vet Visit (1-year checkup)

When I turned 1 in May, my Momma was so excited about my milestone that she called the vet to schedule my 1-year visit. "Um, noooo, you need to come in for his 1-year BOOSTERS," they said.  Ohhhhh... Silly Momma! Who makes shots that last 9-10 months?

So on my 14-1/2 month birdday (the more birddays the better, in my opinion) Momma walked me about 5 miles all around the city to go to day care and the vet! The vet was a little scary but I was a brave boy and rode on a table that went up and down and then on the way home we met a nice policeman who gave me his whole bottle of water and then I got home and I was a hot smelly mess. 

The End.

Momma's side of the story:

The Biggietude has been overwhelming the walkers at day care. We had an experimental half day at day care as I took him in and out to go to the vet nearby and then home. It was an exhausting day for both of us. We spoke to the manager about using a Gentle Leader and/or a muzzle and working with the walkers there so hopefully we will be working this out soon!  I went back to being much more consistent about rewarding good behavior and using a command like "leave it" for potentially difficult situations, such as noisy carts, stumbling homeless people, or bikes or scooters on the sidewalk. He walked beautifully through almost 5 miles of crowded sidewalks, people, bikes, dogs, cars, trucks. 

BUT- I think in addition to not having strong leadership when he's being walked, he is territorial about the kennel. He went ballistic at a male yellow lab walking by who was probably also giving him the eye. A lot of sound and fury (from both dogs, but really mostly from Biggie), which stopped as soon as we got away from the kennel. Then, he was attentive about other dogs but not so nuts about them. We have been able to teach him that our building elevator and lobby are not to be guarded and he is accepting of that, so hopefully with some work he will learn.

Biggie did great at the vet, seeing dogs and cats at pretty close quarters. He made friends with the vet's cat, who decided to take a nap on the bench above where Biggie was lying. He really shone while we were in the waiting room. Curious but calm with cats and dogs that came in, Biggie just sat or lay quietly and attentively while they cried or scrabbled around to get away. He welcomed any attention and petting and sat politely while we talked about kuvasz. 

He was a little hesitant to get up on the scale/table since he is not allowed on any furniture at home - this is where his show siblings have the edge on us! He got his rabies but is getting the distemper/parvo etc. titer to check his levels before deciding whether he needs another vaccination. I'm happy about this option of not over-vaccinating him, which is not an option we had 17 years ago with our old dog, Boo. 

The vet really examined his hips and knees thoroughly since he'd had crackly hips in November and a fuzzy xray that seemed to show dysplasia. The vet said his hips felt fine and if anything there might be a little looseness in his knees, but even that was barely noticeable. So - his hips seem to be ok! We will keep up with the cosequin, though. Biggie did so well being on the mobile table so even though his hind end stumbled off as they were lowering it, he didn't thrash at all and they caught him and stuck his butt back on. He stood quietly for the blood draws and the shots, the only sign that he even felt it was that he closed his eyes a bit. Otherwise, no twitch, no noise, nothing. Hooray for my big brave boy. 

And big he is, though probably not as big as he would be on a kibble diet: 98.5 lbs

On the walk home in rush hour traffic, we met a policeman who insisted on pouring his whole water bottle for Biggie to drink from his hands, and as we passed people in the crosswalks, many people would drift their hands over to pet Biggie on his back or rump as they walked by. I'm not a huge fan of this but by the time I noticed it the people were usually past us, and Biggie seemed to like the attention, so I let it go. 


Booker the Treeing Walker said...

We had Booker registered for Doggie Day Care, but after watching the handlers, or more like "low-impact watchers" in the group room, we decided that it would only be an emergency resort. Booker need strong leadership and forceful correction -- LEAVE IT -- before a problem arises. We have had some excellent walks, with no more leash aggression, but he is very protective of the elevator from other dogs, as well. I spend a lot of time waiting for an empty elevator. It's just not WORTH all the barking (Booker is LOUD LOUD LOUD) and posturing.

Georgeous said...

Wow, getting parvo checked is a great option. Mummy said she only ever had the 1st boosters for her previous dogs and then didn't bother pumping them with the jab each year. Suffice to say, they never got it and Reg was particularly healthy. She said I HAVE to have it ALL! This is good news, I'm gonna ask my vet to test my immunity - gotta go for a weigh in and worming? Whatever that is, sounds like a good game.
Congratulations you star gold winner!!! Your the best!
Love George

Amber-Mae said...

Hiya Biggie! Heard that your blog has been featured for this month. Big congrats to you! Btw, can we be friends?

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Harley-D said...

HaHa....I dont need a gentle leader

just kidding

but seriously at this point Iam a dream to to walk on a leash almost like a feather at the end of it which is far more than I can say for my big brother Kutya who is a nightmare

Mango said...

Biggie - You are so brave to get on the scale. That thing really freaks me out! You are one year old, hooray! Being a plus sized guy, I expect you will keep growing for a little bit.


Raising Addie said...

Hi Biggie,
You are adorable! I'm new to DWB and wanted to say hello! I love your blog!

Stop by my blog sometime and check it out. I've selected you for a new award.

Chris & Mackenzie said...

You must really have a way about you. I've never had a police man give me his water before...bravo!


Biggie-Z said...

BOOKER - you are lucky you don't HAVE to have doggie day care. But I really love it. My humans really socialized me well to other dogs, they just wish I could be as good ALL people as I am with dogs! I used to be territorial about the elevator and my lobby, but my humans cured me of that pretty quickly.

GEORGE: good luck at the vet! I like mine because they give me lots of petting and I really don't feel the shots anyway. And thanks for all those private tips. We'll let you know how it goes!!

AMBER-MAE: I have had the biggest crush on you for the LONGEST time! I'm so glad you finally noticed me!

Biggie-Z said...

HARLEY - just you wait, hee hee. I was a dream to walk until one day... I wasn't.

MANGO - I'm not crazy about getting on the scale because I was taught never to put my paws on ANYTHING. Which leads me to some ideas about curing Pee Wee of counter surfing... Gotta post when I can get on the pooter when it's not midnight.

ADDIE: You are a really pretty girl! I just checked out your blog and I will have to check you out some more! hubba hubba (Amber-Mae, Zola, Nana, Wheetzie, Mata, Bailey, Lucy, Arthur, Mackenzie, and any other girlfriends I forgot to name, you didn't just hear that.)

MACKENZIE: I know how to make the googly eyes when I need to. I like the policemen, and they like me.

Lindsay said...

He normally wears a Gentle Leader, right? Those seem to really help. I'm sure Biggie will continue to get better on the leash as you continue to work with him. What a goofy boy. And he is still pretty young.