Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lessons in Humility

One of my jobs here, in addition to GUARDING (that is my #1 job, always), is to teach my humans about humility.  

My Momma and Mango Momma have been commiserating discussing the very important topic of Happy Walkies For Big Strong Doggies. My Momma was all like, Biggie walks in a perfect heel for us and he is such a good boy and he has come such a long way, you should try this and that and bla bla bla. And I thought Momma was sounding a little too much like a Proud Mama (too bad her name isn't Mary), and so I had to teach her a little humility.

Don't get me wrong, I still am a good boy for my Momma and most of the time for P-Daddy, but I like to remind them that I am a KUVASZ, after all, and now that I am just over a year old, I am an exuberant horse-sized puppy. I need to stretch my legs and when I make zoomies, I make REALLY BIG ZOOMIES (P.S. Lenny, look at my jumping. Too bad they are video, not photos, and they didn't make the cutoff for the Pawlimpics!): 

YouTube video link here

(Momma's Note: It's hard to really capture the scale of all this with a little digital camera, but the sheer joy of running full-tilt does manage to come through...)

Anyway. So yesterday when my humans went to the horse show, they left me at home because they weren't sure if I was going to be a g'boy or if I was going to pull a Hulk on them and bark at the horsies. And then when they were at the horse show my Momma had the nerve to go say hi to SOMEONE ELSE'S PUPPY and take all these pictures of him!! And Momma and P-Daddy were saying how they missed when I was that little and fluffy and harmless and cute and easygoing and they could just pick me up and move me if I was being a nuisance. Well, Momma, puppies grow up into big goofy Addled Less Senses. And I still need a lot to work off my energy and take the edge off. No Nobel Peace Prize for me any time soon. Maybe if they gave a Nobel for Wreaking Havoc When Confined to a Condo in Brrr Mont in the Pouring Rain with 2 Little Shih-Tzu-Poos Who Bark at Me (and Won't Play) and 9 people I Want to Wrestle With, I might win. Momma and P-Daddy took me to The Beach this morning during a break in the rain. Momma was trying to get video of me blowing bubbles, but I decided to fish for rocks instead. 

YouTube video link here

Note: Updated to add YouTube links, and also this glorious photo by P-Daddy. Momma chose a "small" photo size in hopes of shrinking her butt... Good luck, Momma. (snort, snicker, snort!) The lengths we go to for our art!)


the 4 Bs said...

we sure would like to be running with you. Brody loves loves loves to run and if he can get a running game going, he's a very happy doggy. we think that would be so fun to run with you.


Lindsay said...

Haha. Aww. Ace would love to run with you. You could teach him to fish for rocks and he could teach you to swim out really far and bring back a stick.

Georgeous said...

Oh Biggie that's some gallop you've got going there, I'd love to come gallop with you! Your braver than me with the water thing - I have to be pushed or dragged in!

Mango said...

WOW! You are much faster than me! I'll bet you were picturing sheep all running in circles and following your instructions.

I know I look smaller than I really am due to a trick of the camera, so I'll bet you do too.

Did you catch any rocks? Were they too fast for you?


Booker the Treeing Walker said...

We loved to see you running! How excellent to have such a pretty place to stretch your legs. Booker runs AND howls at the same time. There is nothing quiet about an exercise session with him ... he loves big dogs and isn't scared of anything (or any dog!) so he would probably run circles with you!

Saint Lover said...

I feel your pain. B and R are a bit rough on the leash when they see other dogs. They are very excited and pull really hard but I dont trust what can happen. They are very good with other dogs after they get their "proper greeting" but until then its like trying to hold back a freight train with yarn.

Love the videos by the way.

Chris & Mackenzie said...

Good job keeping your tail nice and dry. Fishing for rocks with dry white's a beautiful thing!


The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

You looked like you were having great fun "fishing" and playing in the water.

Levi's mom

babyphat523 said...

Wow Biggie, you had the zoomies like nobody's business in that video!! Did you catch any good tasty rocks? Tell mama it's still part of your raw diet! ;)

We're amazed that you can stay so sparkin' clean with that glorious white coat of yours.

xo :)

mylime said...

Fishing for rocks looks like fun - Morph would love to join. Biggie is gorgeous!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

human definately need to learn how to stop bragging and be a little more humble... juz a tiny little

Harley-D said...

H-D is very well behaved on a leash but time will tell

None of the vides seem to work for me ??? whats up wit dat

Charlie Daniels said...

Hey congrats for you Track Gold Medal! It's a great looking Medal.



oorvi said...

Congratulations:)on winning the gold!

It's a great picture and you look fabulous with all that snow around you!

Licks n wags,

Anonymous said...

That wasn't full tilt. He'd holding back because of the terrain and the brush in his way.

That's roughly to him what jogging is to a human - loping along, enjoying it, but he's not really in "light the afterburners and go for the kill" mode.

He's capable of more. MUCH more.