Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tub Time

These are some old pictures from bath time, because now I would fill the whole tub. Anyway, I got a really terrific comment from an anonymous kuvasz owner that everyone should read, and it couldn't have come at a better time, because Mommy and I had an Incident last week and she had to show me who was Boss. (Guess what? It's not me.) 

We came home last week from a muddy morning play session at the dog run and I was gray and brown. Instead of making me sit at the door and taking my leash off, Mommy walked me toward the bathroom. I decided to pull a Gandhi and sat down and then lay down in the middle of the room. Mommy coaxed, she commanded, I refused to budge. She grabbed me around my chest and hoisted me up and marched me toward the bathroom. I flopped down again and made some growly noise. She made a bigger growly noise back and I couldn't look at her. She made me go in the bathroom. 

Then she shut the door and got some treats. She tried to hoist me in the tub or put my paws on the edge of the tub but I didn't really want to do that. Mommy usually never lets me put my paws on anything, so this was sort of confusing. Then she wrapped her arms around my chest and started dragging me toward the tub. That's usually P-Daddy's job but Mommy decided she was gonna wash me herself. I REALLY didn't want to go. This was not part of our normal routine! So I growled again and she still wouldn't stop. So she grabbed me again and then --

-- I put my mouth on her hand to tell her I didn't want to move any more. 

You have never seen the Wrath of Mommy until you put your mouth on her like that! Wow. I did put my teeth on her a little hard but I didn't break her skin or anything, because I just wanted to show her NO, but still, I got in SO much trouble. I got a shakedown and then she stared and growled at me until I apologized. That's when I realized that I don't ever get to tell Mommy "no." She just stood there and pointed at the tub and told me to get in, and I got up and walked over. I still needed a boost to get over the edge, but then we had a very nice shower together. 

That day I learned that when Mommy says, "jump," I don't say "no." I say "How high?" It is much better for everyone that way. 


Ed. Note: When I say a kuvasz will test you, this is one of the ways. And this from a pup who has been taught since he was teeny (see below) to accept our alpha status with pleasure. If you are not prepared to be a strong leader with your kuvasz, do not get one.


Mango said...

Biggie -
I read those comments. Yowsa! That dog opened a can of food with his toothies? That is so scary. I guess you guys need to be fierce cause your job is to protect the herd.

You are right that you should NEVER put your toothies on mom. I guess she told you what's what, huh?


Anonymous said...

I think I am going to have Mr. Roboto read your blog Biggie. He can learn a lot from you! - Leslie

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes! This is EXACTLY what owners need to do with these dogs.

The owners are the boss. Period. Their word is law. The penalty for breaking the laws is delivered swiftly, with explosive reaction and fury.

This is why I say that most people cannot handle these dogs. If they're used to smaller dogs, they've rarely been challenged for alpha status in the "pack."

You should also use the "unexpected down" -- when you're walking through the house or yard and he's being well behaved, out of the blue, command a "down!" Look at him like you mean business and make him do a down and stay. Make sure you go through doors first. You eat first. He doesn't get to eat until you *allow* it. You make him sit there and look at his food right in front of him until you say "OK, eat."

When he's chewing on a bone or toy, take it away from him. Examine it. Give it back - when you decide to give it back, not upon his asking for it.

The one form of physical discipline I like is the "pop under the chin" - if I'm in a situation where I want his snout somewhere else, I pop him from under the chin with an open hand. It seems to come from out of nowhere. It isn't hard, just enough to get his attention like "Hey, what was that?!"

Mango said...

Biggie Mom - Good luck with your surgery. Tell Biggie to be gentle with you when you get home.

Maybe you should get gold implants like Bu http://bugendawg.blogspot.com/

Mango Mom

Huck said...

Biggie, you are so little in those tub pictures! I really like the kuvasz comments by Anonymous! Does he/she have a blog?