Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Birdday to ME!!!

All of Mommy's serious posts about training and socializing kuvasz were starting to make my blog seriously UNfun. But she's not always so boring and preachy, she's just like that about 95% of the time.

Today I had a great big surprise. Mom's been saying that next week is my Birdday, but I think it came a week EARLY!
See all those boxes? Not a very green way to package things (P-Daddy is horrified!), but boy oh boy, was there some exciting stuff in there for me. 

Above you see a 10-pound pack of pork riblets and bones, and 3 pounds of fish bones. YES, I AM BACK ON RAW! I had to eat kibble for the entire month of April because my humans were going to Korea for 9 days and it was too long to make all my raw meals. My mom would have had to send almost 30 pounds of raw with me. So I had to make this slow transition to EVO kibble and even though it is supposed to be pretty close to the raw diet, and it tasted OK, it was NOT raw. My humans had many discussions about what business I did on my walks and the state of my poo, which can be summed up as - BIGGER, STINKIER, MUSHIER and A LOT MORE OF IT. And I would occasionally make a stinky fart that would chase my humans out of the room, hahaha. Since I didn't have to chew my food so much, I decided to chew other things. 

It was pretty torturous having to eat kibble. I kept trying to tell Mommy and P-Daddy that kibble wasn't so good for me (as if my poo didn't tell the whole story). First, I did not sit and watch Mommy make my kibble dinner. And sometimes I just refused to eat it. I chewed Mommy and P-Daddy's shoes from Korea because they smelled like all that grilled meat they ate - I wanted some too! Basically I just moped, and I wasn't my usual cheery self.

But when my raw food finally came, it was like Birdday and Christmas and everything all rolled into one! I had to pay VERY close attention in case a chicken leg - OOPS - happened to fall on the floor or something:

Here my Mommy is wearing a shirt she got in the DMZ (people take the weirdest tours; I'd be just as happy running around a pond or up a muddy mountain) and organizing my food - 

30 pounds of chicken leg quarters
10 pounds kosher chicken bones
10 pounds fish bones and pieces (my favorite)
10 pounds pork riblets and bones

2 quarts of plain yogurt

I am SO happy to be back on raw! Back to my old self, Biggie!


Mango said...

That raw stuff looks totally yummers. Glad you got your chef back to work.


P.S. Please try to behave during your Addled Less Sense, I know its hard.

Pacco de Mongrel said...

happy belated barkday 2 u...