Monday, April 7, 2008

NCAA Basketball Finals

Biggie's rooting for Memphis, we think.


Peanut said...

No basketball here.

Mango said...

Biggie -
First off, I HATE those stupid hump meister doggies (and I think pee-wee is getting hump training at the doggie kindergarten).

I also hate dog walkers! Only Momma and Master should walk me, not some stupid hired gun who thinks they know all about doggies but never met a real full sized dog like us.

Finally, check out my blog, because I am in NYC for a big party and let me tell you, there sure are a lot of humans here (too many for the Mango Man).


Huck said...

I like to watch TV too, Biggie. Tom doesn't care. He just hoards all my toys and treats. I thought of your "Snow Day" pics when I saw this blog. I think you should submit a pic of your "blending" skillz.