Saturday, January 12, 2008

MY side of the story

Gentle Leader Head Collar in Action
I cant believe Mommy made that post about kuvasz kryptonite. It is shameful that ANY kuvasz, especially one as magnificent as ME should be forced to wear such a humbling device. The dog in this picture must be on drugs! No, wait, it's just a golden retriever. You'd expect them to smile like that even when they are being enslaved by a little piece of nylon. His people probably told him he could play ball after they took the picture. They're always so damned happy about everything. Yeesh. No dog I know has ever smiled about the "Gentle Leader."

Wimsey, I know how you feel. It is simply beneath our station to be seen in public with one of these things. It really cramps my style. Here is a more honest picture of what these instruments of torture look like in use. It is not the most flattering picture of me, but I sacrifice my pride to save others from the same fate:

See how I have taken refuge here in the bathroom and rearranged the bathmats while trying to free myself.


Wimsey said...

Ah Biggie, I feel your pain! I shall give you a hint, don't try to paw it off, instead, go up to someone on the street, flop down for a belly rub and while everyone is ooohing and aaaahing about how cute you are, you stretch and oops, the Gentle Leader comes off with your paw. They never notice. I am do very sorry, but at least you weren't exiled to another person while your human heals.


Pacco de Mongrel said...

i had a fren who use that head halter too...

check this out