Sunday, February 7, 2010

MangoMinster (tm) Dog PIle Contestants: "Not as Big as Biggie Group"

Sorry, Momma was in a human pile competition by piling work and sickies on top of herself, but I finally got her to stop moaning and groaning and get to work on my contest. There ended up being so many contestants that I had to make 2 categories. They are, arbitrarily, "not as big as me" and "almost as big as me through bigger than me" groups. Since this will take a bit of time and I know you are all waiting for results, so check back here for the judging and updating. When you get into the lab/pittie sizes I just had to make a judgment call on big or small - Mango and I call Dexter "Pee Wee" but to most dogs he is pretty big. So there you go.

Edited to add the ORIGINAL Pee-Wee and Mrs. Magoo. I'm so embarrassed.

Contestants (in no sensible order whatsoever):
name: Gracie
human's name: Amy
breed: Yorkie

name: Prince (May be moved to "almost as Big as Biggie")
human's name: Mike & Jennifer
breed: labbie/pit bull mix

name: Benny
human's name: Benny & Lily's humans
breed: French bulldogs

name: Lily
human's name: Benny & Lily's humans
breed: French bulldogs

name: Sally Ann
human's name:
breed: Welsh Terrier

name: BRINKS
breed: pitbull

name: Cookie Monster is One Tough Cookie (aka Cookie)
Human name: Channy
breed or predominant breedS: Multipoo (Miniature Poodle, Lhasa Apso, and something else, possibly sheep)

your name: Daisy aka Daisy dog, Pink daisy Dog, Pink Daisy
your human's name: Annie
your bloggy address:
your breed or predominant: Pretty Pink Pit Bull

Name: Frankie Furter
Breed: Dachshund... Long haired

-My name is benjamin barker!
-my mom is lisa.
-my blog address is
-I am a pure bred Miniature Schnauzer

- Name: Alex P. Kitten
- Human's name: Mom & Dad
- Breed: Purebred silver Maine CoonDogCat

-your name: Penny
-your human's name if they want: Dee
-your bloggy address:
-your breed or predominant breedS (like the rest of Mango Minster, mixed up confused breeds is ok): cross breed, springy spaniel

Name: Jackal
Human: Achieve1dream
Bloggy Address:
Breed(s): Beagle/Mountain Cur

Name: Brutus (the Frenchie)
Human's name: Michelle
Bloggy address:
Breed: French Bulldog

- your name: Baby Rocket Dog
-your human's name: Cassie & Patrick
-your bloggy address: "Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie"
-your breed: Airedale Terrier

My name is Jazzi
my Mom is Diana
I am a little scottie and from neck to tail about 20 inches and weight ?? a girl never gives out her weight LOL

Name: Twinkie

Blog address: twinkietinydog

Breed: definitely confused Chi byproduct

Name: Hootie (aka Hairy Houdini)

Human: Cassie

Bloggy: Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie"

Breed: Welsh Terrier

Name: Pepsi

Bloggy Address:

Breed: Jack Russell/Beagle Mix

Name: Storm

Human: Achieve1dream

Bloggy address:

Breed: Siberian husky

Name: Miss Kylie

Humans: Ali and Matt

Bloggy address:

Breed(s): Border Collie/Flat Coat Retriever

Name: Dexter, aka Pee-Wee

Humans: Master and Dexter Momma

bloggy address:

Breed: cracker dog labradork!

Name: Cinnamon

Human's Name: Momo

Bloggy Address:

Breed: Beagle

Name: Mrs. Magoo

Human's Name: Michelle

Bloggy Address:

Breed: Border terrier


Frankie Furter said...

Sorry to hear that your mom has the sickies. Hope she is better soon Biggie.

Mango said...

Hey Biggie! Tell your mom to get better. The competition can wait! Delays of games happen.


Alex said...
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Alex said...

So sorry to hear that your mom isn't feeling well, guess it's your turn to tell her to "heal".
I notice that Pepsi is not listed as one of the "not as big as you" contestants at 20" I don't know where she fits in (she seems small to us- compared to you and Hero :) But I hope you have Hero listed as one of your "bigguns".

Benny and Lily said...

Hey there..hope mom is better. Good luck to all those who piled it on
Benny & Lily

elbouwii said...

big hugh for your mom!

cant waith for the competition ;D

El'bow & Hauwii

Twinkietinydog said...

As long as your momma is healthy: Good luck to us all. Dog bless!!!

Daisy Dog said...

Hope your momma feels better soon. This is getting exciting!

SKYY the Kuvasz said...


Wow. You've definitely put forth some effort with your contest. My guilt at not participating is a bit alleviated by knowing I didn't contribute to your (mom's) already heavy workload.

Feel better (mom).

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Hi Biggie's Mommy,
This is Sally Ann. My blog title is linked to Just Add Walter. Wow, I didn't know I have two blogs. My Mommy's had the sickies also.
Sally Ann

doyle and mollie said...

we would like to vote for sally ann