Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall Photo Shoot - shoot! darnit! hold still!

It's fall in Vermont, the leaves are changing, it was foggy and drizzly but very pretty out there. Biggie and I decided to hike and try a photo shoot for the 2010 Kuvasz calendar. Let's just say it's sort of hard with a new video/still cam, one rambunctious dog, and no assistants. Biggie was either forging on ahead to make sure it was safe, or running back to check on me, or standing too close to take good pictures, or moving too quickly.

Not only that, but I'd brushed him before we went out, and he came home muddy and covered in burrs.

Here's some outtakes:

I can sit AND stay, but I don't have to like it.

Can't talk. Busy looking for stuff in here. Did anyone misplace a rock?

This last one would have been great if he would turn his head the other way. But the classic kuvasz guard dog has put himself between me and any potential interloper, and is scanning the hiking path and woods for anything threatening, like a chipmunk.


Mango said...

Biggie! You are always focused on your job. That is a good thing even if it means we see more of your bottom than your face.


Winterdark said...

Well done Biggie! Pawrents don't understand how evil chipmunks and squirrels are. Good job standing on guard. You could give lessons.


SEDONA said...

C'mon, Biggie, give your human *one* nice shot! You look so nice surrounded by the pretty fall foliage.
Your pal,

Lindsay said...

Ha! I love the photos! Made me smile because they show off Biggie's personality so well. :)

I need to get out and take some fall photos!

T-Bone said...

Biggie, you and I should hike together. CAN YOU IMAGINE!!!! Good job keeping tabs on your momma, always an important job.

Emily said...

Haha! These are hilarious! Thanks for sharing the bloopers, Biggie-Mama. The new photo at the top of your blog is very nice! Beautiful colors!