Friday, May 15, 2009


FINALLY! AND NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON ... because I was getting bored bored bored. Momma has been away from home way too much because she's been working on some big case where someone Made Off with lots of money that wasn't his. Momma told me how much it was, but once I get above the amount of money it costs to keep me in beef bones for the rest of my life, I don't really pay attention. All I know is, that's a lot of beef!

Also, since my BirdDay is coming up TOMORROW, Momma is gonna let me talk about the meat!

Here you see one of the most beautiful pictures in the world: a FULL freezer. In the drawer, you can see a bag of frozen green beans, for use in case of emergency (ho hum, vegetables were SO last month!), and a container of some kind of meatables for me. And a chicken pot pie in the box, but Momma says that's for the humans.

In the lower compartment, the two left sections of the freezer are full of FORTY POUNDS of chicken leg quarters, skinned and put into freezer bags. On the right hand side are Chinese food containers full of whitefish bones and pork bones - probably about 5-10 pounds worth. Buried underneath there are some year-old tater tots and Chinese dumplings and a few containers of veggie mix for me, but you can see that the most important MEAT for Biggies is on top.

All this meat lasts me about 3 weeks. Momma gets the chicken and fish from FreshDirect, a service that lazy New Yorkers use to get their foodables brought right into their apartment!

Momma also goes to our neighborhood butcher for other meats - chicken backs, pork and beef necks, beef shins, and turkey necks. Momma has to skin the chicken backs herself, but Robert and Hector use their big saw to cut the turkey necks into 1/2 pound segments (perfect for snacks at day care), and the pork and beef necks and shins get cut into 1-lb pieces.

When my Grandmomma came to stay to help Momma after her 2nd splurgery last year, she took all my meat and made it into yummy dinners for the humans! Without asking me!

I get about a pound of meat per meal, just perfect for teeny poops while keeping me lean and fit. If I'm eating something that has more meat and less bone (like the chicken leg quarters), Momma will drop a calcium tab in with my food.

Sometimes Momma adds delectable special things like liver or lamb, but they are pretty rich and are useful only in small amounts for extra yumminess. Also the pork you need to freeze for 3 weeks to kill any nasty critters that might be living in it.

Here you see my humans' assembly line process for packing my lunches for camp. But it also gives you a good idea of what goes into my meals. This is a Thursday-Monday weekend of food.

Meat here is chicken leg quarter or chicken back (1 in each container), plus yogurt/veg/fish oil mixture. The white dots you see are my cosequin-DS chewables for happy hips. Yummers.

Oh, and that picture in the background with the lemon slices is the humans' dinner (1 whole chicken cut up), marinating. I don't like lemons.

Happy Eating!


the 4 Bs said...

hey Biggie, that looks like a lot of really yummy foods. our mom is learning from you and Stanislaw about feeding raw to us too. we love it. thanks for the inspiration.


Kess And Her Mama said...

Happy Birthday Biggie. Looking at your meals, looks like every day is a birthday meal!

Amber-Mae said...

Woweeee!!!!! You get to eat such yummylicious meatebles everyday!!! I AM soooper jealous! I wish my hoomans gave me that much everyday too. I don't care if it's cooked or not! I WANTTT!!!!

Solid Gold Dancer + Puppies

Stanislaw said...

Woah Biggie Big Feaster Dude!

That drawer looks tasty. And I sure wish my humans would let me eat meals as hearty as yours. But I'm stuck at wee 5-ouncer feasts twice per day. And my folks say that's a lot for me! WHATEVER! I'll refer them to this blog next time.

I said it before and I'll say it again ~ It's nice to have you back and blogging, Big-Man.

Emily said...

Bigz- Just wanted to say HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY from your furry cousins(?)!
We missed you this weekend! We got to go to Charlottesville and stay in a hotel and ride in the car for dozens of hours all weekend! We even got to go to a human party where they had live chickens just roaming around!

Bitey face kisses,
Huck & Tom

Kasha said...

Man that is one lucky dog! My poor Africa doesn't have a great owner compared to Biggie Z!
Kasha and Africa

Aniemother said...

Oh yum! I used to get all raw (meat/bones only), but now mom's got no freezer storage. Sigh.. Your pix had me drooling!


Lindsay said...

Thanks for the useful post, Biggie!

Tracy said...

Hi Biggie
You're a cutie! Happy Birthday to you!!! and you must be a happy camper since lots lots meat!!!...thank you for sharing this...the other thing I would like to share with you is that there's a person who know pets' language and she can communicate with them, if you're curious about it, can check out: and one true funny story from consultation:

Kess And Her Mama said...

Looks like yr mamma is really, really busy. Well, when she's freer, come by and collect an award.

Matt said...

meat is the best diet! good choice!

Chris said...

Way to go! I'm sure all that hard work preparing those meals will not go unappreciated!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Hey Biggie - nice to meet you on the DWB forum! I've been hearing about you on other doggie blogs too so thought I'd pop over and say hello!

I am fed the raw diet too! Although in a slightly different way from you - my humans are too lazy to process my veg for me so I just get them lightly steamed and I don't really get so many supplements, although I do get thing like honey, apple cider vinegar, green-lipped mussel and raw eggs added and also get once a week, I get a meal of whole oily fish like pilchards or sometimes salmon fillets.

My humans also don't have such a big freezer - I have to share the little compartment above their fridge so they can only store about 1 week's worth of food for me at a time but we're lucky that the pet store which sells my raw food supplies is only 10mins drive away! :-)

You said you eat about 1 pound a day - how much is that in grams?? I eat about 700g a day - which is about 1% of my body weight, which is what our raw feeding vet told my humans I need since I'm a giant breed with slow metabolism! :-)

Hey, you do clicker training too? Looks like we have a lot in common! As well as being BIG dogs, of course...or as Mango would say, "full-sized doggies" - hee! hee!

Anyway, pop over and visit me sometime! (By the way, do you drool? If you do, I'm holding a Slobber Contest which you must enter!!)

Honey the Great Dane