Monday, March 9, 2009


... for LOTS of NEWS!!

You know it takes a lot to stop me talking about my food. Momma's been flying all over the place and she doesn't even know what time or day it is anymore and she had to post this. This is worth it!

FIRST OF ALL: My dog mom and my pop BOTH passed their Therapy Dog International tests with flying colors!!! On the first try!!! Without doing a class or ANYTHING. Way to go, Mama Snow and Yani-Pop (above), but also, way to put the pressure on! Yikes! Mama Clare said that they both did great on their tests except when Yani-Pop had to walk by a big mirror. Apparently he couldn't pass it without stopping to admire himself. BOL!

NEXT - and JUST AS EXCITING, My Big Brudder SARGE has started a blog! More Kuvasz in da house!

And while we're on the subject of KUVASZ... if you can't get enough of us gorgeous dogs (I am my father's son, after all), check out this video of the lovely Delilah, Chance's love interest in Homeward Bound II. A shout out to my brother TEX for sending this to me. Tex, She is WAY cuter than your big stuffed polar bear and I may have to fight you for her unless we can work out some sharing arrangement.


Kess And Her Mama said...

Pressure is on Biggie. You have BIG shoes to fill! But we think you'll ace it too when your turn comes!

Mango said...

Momma had a therapy dog and she said it was the BEST! Not a job for me, but maybe the pee-wee.

You would be good at it because peoples think white dogs are less scary even when they are big like yourself.


Saint Lover said...

That was absolutely awesome Biggie! Thanks for posting it...Congrats to your dog mom and dad for passing TDI! Awesome.

Chris and Mackenzie said...


What a sweet video. Needed that!

Stanislaw said...

Hooray! You come from some smart stock there. Perhaps therapy is in your future?

Dannan and The Girl said...

Congrats to Mama Snow and Yani-Pop! And no wonder Yani-Pop had to stop and admire himself, he's a furry handsome guy!!

Don't worry, Biggie, you'll make a great therapy doggy, and we know you'll pass with flying colours, too!

We're going to check out Sarge's bloggy once we've visited all of our "already furends". The Girl and I can't wait to meet him!


Lindsay said...

Hey, that's awesome about your parents Biggie!

I also liked the Homeward Bound II clip. Ha. Perhaps a "sharing arrangement" will work out for you.

By they way, I also don't know the time or day half the time, let alone which direction is up.

Stanislaw said...

Hey Biggie Dude. Sorry about the delayed response to your mom's question.

My mom used the book Doggie Knits by Corinne Neisser to get started. There are a bunch of really cute and simple patterns in there. You can also join and get patterns that way. There's about a week's wait to get your "invitation" to the site once you sign up.

Ask your mom to post some knits for us when she's all done!

Peanut said...

You have quite the shoes(or fur maybe?) to live up to. Good luck buddy